Venezuela Response

An economic crisis has swept Venezuela, causing many families to struggle for food. People have resorted to selling their possessions just to feed their families.

BGR is helping the situation by providing boxes of food, costing $100 USD each, to hungry families in Venezuela. Through this food, our trusted local partners are demonstrating God’s love to thousands of individuals.

You can help today! Give $100 to provide nourishment to Venezuelans in need.

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Disaster Response

UPDATE: BGR partner shares experience in Venezuela response

“It is amazing. What touched me the most was hearing [a local Christian] talk about how he has bought into this project. He has fallen in love with what God is doing at the camp and how it is blessing so many people.”

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Venezuela Update

UPDATE FROM A BGR PARTNER: We have heard story after story about how Venezuelan churches are providing food to hundreds of people in their communities, even though the currency is worth practically nothing and access to food supplies is becoming more and more limited. Churches say their economic resources are dwindling, but the Lord continues […]

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You can feed hungry people in Venezuela

Imagine having to pay $20 for a carton of eggs. Now imagine that your job only pays $26 a month. How would you stretch that money to feed your family? How could you help them survive? This is a real scenario playing out in Venezuela. A collapsing economy is causing massive currency fluctuations, skyrocketing the […]

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Pray for Venezuela

  BGR partners are responding to the humanitarian crisis developing in Venezuela by working with local partners. They plan to improve and expand a training facility’s electrical and water systems so they can teach more than 5,000 people how to produce food and potable water. Trainees also will learn organic gardening, animal husbandry, well-drilling, water purification, […]

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