Hunger Projects

Hunger affects 800 million people worldwide. BGR feeds hungry people in disaster situations as well as helping hungry people and communities find sustainable solutions to their hunger problems.

One BGR project is distributing food to distressed families living through an extreme financial crisis in their country. BGR funds are providing qualified individuals with food through well-established agencies and organizations. At least 2,000 people will benefit.


The 11-year-Old Mother of Seven

The little boy is just an infant, and Nafissa is the only parent he has left. She’s 11 years old. Together, we can care for children left to fend for themselves in this difficult world.

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6 ways to pray for hunger solutions

Almost 821 million people suffered from chronic food deprivation globally in 2017—but you can do something to help. Please, take some time today to pray for 6 solutions to hunger. 1. Pray refugees can find work. The danger doesn’t end after refugees flee their home countries. They must travel to new cities, where they have […]

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The Forgotten Mother

Imagine a young girl—just 14—who is so thin and malnourished she can’t feed her crying child. But friends like you are saving her life.

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To Market We Go

Thank you so much for giving this young man a chance to care for his family, and thank you for providing food for an entire community.

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5 reasons why people go hungry

One in nine people on this earth suffers from hunger. They go to bed each night with bellies that ache and with children who cry for food. Take a look at five reasons why people go hungry.

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Food relief rescues pastor’s village the day after his death

The violence creeping across the nation found its way to Thiha’s village. Early one morning, bullets and screams pierced the air. With only days until the village food supply ran out, Thiha was consumed with worry.

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Father suffers to keep his son warm

Not long ago, your dollars helped provide a box of food for his family, but Giannis couldn’t enjoy it while so many around him grew thinner by the day.

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Food supplies give displaced father hope

When the people of Htin’s village heard gunshots, they grabbed their families and ran. Now, a year later, Htin says the food friends like you sent his community has given them hope that God can restore their lives. Read his heartfelt story below.

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Food packets save stroke victim’s family

Please pray not only for the families who live at the edge of hunger but also for fathers who are too sick to care for their loved ones.

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Displaced wife tells her hunger story

But, God provides for the vulnerable—and  He used your generosity to care for Chaw. She tells her story below.

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More Stories
School Lunch Program

“The food I eat in school helps me a lot because sometimes …

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More prayers
Global Hunger Sunday

Use this video to help your church or group promote Global Hunger Sunday.

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God provides at just the right time.

Therese could only watch as her children fought over a few spoonfuls of oatmeal—the family’s only food.

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Rabbits make a difference

​Watch how rabbits purchased through the gift catalog make a big difference in the lives of families!

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