Hunger Projects

Hunger affects 800 million people worldwide. BGR feeds hungry people in disaster situations as well as helping hungry people and communities find sustainable solutions to their hunger problems.

One BGR project is distributing food to distressed families living through an extreme financial crisis in their country. BGR funds are providing qualified individuals with food through well-established agencies and organizations. At least 2,000 people will benefit.


A Last-Minute Miracle

God used people with compassionate hearts—people like you—to bless Eva’s village just in time! She took charge of the community kitchen when mudslides cut her village off from civilization.

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Greater impact through feeding

“We can not believe how much this feeding project has increased our numbers of children attending church on Sunday mornings, and we have been able to reach more children’s homes…”

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Provide milk for a starving baby

In areas affected by war or disaster, many nursing mothers are severely malnourished and can’t produce enough milk to feed their babies.

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Feed a hungry child for a week

Thousands of children in schools, orphanages, refugee families, and impoverished communities are underfed and risk malnutrition.

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Becoming Levi’s Safety Net

Stand between a family and starvation. People like Levi barely make ends meet each day

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Mhasin Tells Her Hunger Story

This year, friends like you felt compassion for people like Mhasin. Her country is currently suffering from a famine, and she no ability to earn income to care for her family.

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A Widow’s Meal

Have you ever thought about what a luxury it is to cook dinner for your own kids? Or even to set cereal bowls in front of them each morning?

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Hunger’s Effect

The thing about hunger is it affects every part of your life. It affects your health, your sleep and your job. It can even affect whether or not your family stays together.

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Serving Hope on a Plate

So many refugee fathers, like Nazir, put hungry children to bed each night. They listen to their sons and daughters cry for food, knowing they have none to give.

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Just in Time

Stories of hunger and malnutrition hurt your heart. We know—they hurt ours, too. But friends like you can impact so many people like Dalene.

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More Stories
School Lunch Program

“The food I eat in school helps me a lot because sometimes …

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More prayers
Global Hunger Sunday

Use this video to help your church or group promote Global Hunger Sunday.

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God provides at just the right time.

Therese could only watch as her children fought over a few spoonfuls of oatmeal—the family’s only food.

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Rabbits make a difference

​Watch how rabbits purchased through the gift catalog make a big difference in the lives of families!

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