Global Hunger Relief

GHR (Global Hunger Relief) is an initiative of Southern Baptists formerly known as the World Hunger Fund.

Global Hunger Sunday is October 14!

When Southern Baptists observe their annual Global Hunger Sunday the second Sunday in October, they will be called to act out the powerful love of Jesus, who the Bible says was “moved with compassion” for people in desperate need. That kind of compassion compels a response, and Baptist Global Response offers multiple ways to get involved. You can discover some of the avenues by clicking on the Updates, Prayer, and Resources tabs.

You also can engage hunger issues by using the additional suggested resources listed below.

1. The Global Hunger Relief (GHR) website has some excellent resources for promoting world hunger awareness. You can visit their site at:

2. World Hunger 101 is a two-hour churchwide event that explores the issue of global hunger. Each age-level session plan includes promotion ideas and hunger project ideas. World Hunger 101 is available for download at, where you also can find the popular World Hunger Bread Bank.

3. The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission‘s website,, provides topical articles on biblical directives for combating hunger and poverty and how to begin a hunger ministry.

4. Domestic hunger issues are important too. You can find an excellent array of resources on combating hunger in North America at

Finally, if you would like to request a speaker for your group’s global hunger event or for a global hunger focused church service, please contact us at  We will do our best to accommodate your request.


Becoming Levi’s Safety Net

Stand between a family and starvation. People like Levi barely make ends meet each day

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Mhasin Tells Her Hunger Story

This year, friends like you felt compassion for people like Mhasin. Her country is currently suffering from a famine, and she no ability to earn income to care for her family.

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A Widow’s Meal

Have you ever thought about what a luxury it is to cook dinner for your own kids? Or even to set cereal bowls in front of them each morning?

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Hunger’s Effect

The thing about hunger is it affects every part of your life. It affects your health, your sleep and your job. It can even affect whether or not your family stays together.

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Serving Hope on a Plate

So many refugee fathers, like Nazir, put hungry children to bed each night. They listen to their sons and daughters cry for food, knowing they have none to give.

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Just in Time

Stories of hunger and malnutrition hurt your heart. We know—they hurt ours, too. But friends like you can impact so many people like Dalene.

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Going the Distance for Global Hunger Relief

As Global Hunger Sunday approaches, pray for people, like Malini, who have longed for a bowl of rice.

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Feeding the Most Vulnerable

Kids like Selloane’s grandchildren are hungry, so let’s get to work! The grandmother worried about how to feed all eight of them when local crops had just bounced back from a two-year drought.

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Rejoice. Feel the joy. The corn is growing in Lesotho!

Not long ago, this woman walked an hour to tell her friends at church about the new crops in her field.

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Dance for Joy!

They’re dancing. They’re shouting. They’re singing with relief and happiness.

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More Stories
School Lunch Program

“The food I eat in school helps me a lot because sometimes …

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GHR feeds schoolchildren touched by violence

Since 2004, the Lighthouse School (K-6) has been offering help to needy families and bringing hope through education to children

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Project fights locust infestations

A locust plague threatened the livelihoods of 13 million people in a Sub-Saharan country

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Distributions aid people in economic crisis

With the ongoing economic crisis in a European country, more and more people are without food on a daily basis.

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Partners hope to improve lives with plants

Nationals in Central Asia will soon have the opportunity to learn horticulture as a means of feeding their families.

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Formula distributions save babies’ lives

Pray that life in these communities will improve and children will have greater access to food.

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Drought, fighting plague families in Central Asia

BGR partners are providing aid to 240 families in Central Asia during a drought.

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Flood relief for 174 homes in Asia

Heavy rains caused serious flooding in one area of this Asian country.

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Emergency food aid in a Central Asia winter

BGR partners responded to an emergency need for food this past winter for families in Central Asia

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Food relief after Bangladesh tornado

At least 20 people were killed and more than 200 injured when a powerful tornado ripped through the southeastern region

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More prayers
Haifa -Feeding the Hungry    
June 18, 2014

Video/Film editor volunteer needed

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Atulya Home
April 25, 2014

The Atulya Home is a residential home in Delhi providing a safe place for young women coming from backgrounds of abuse, exploitation and rejection.

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Global Hunger Sunday Media Kit (No Date)

Promote SBC Global Hunger Sunday any time of the year in your church! Download our undated digital media kit to help bring awareness of hunger around the world and inspire your church or group to give. Bulletin Insert – half and whole sheet size, 11″x17″ Poster, digital announcement slide, three sermon outlines. To print the […]

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Global Hunger Sunday

Use this video to help your church or group promote Global Hunger Sunday.

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God provides at just the right time.

Therese could only watch as her children fought over a few spoonfuls of oatmeal—the family’s only food.

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Día del hambre mundial – Documentos

Descargue un poster, un boletín, y una diapositiva para Powerpoint. Otros recursos se pueden encontrar aquí – Hambre mundial 

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Global Hunger Sunday

Watch how your contributions help BGR and Global Hunger Relief​ feed people around the world. >Global Hunger Relief

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Global Hunger Sunday Sermon Outlines

​Two sermon outlines to help teach your church or group about Global Hunger Sunday.

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Global Hunger Fundraising Ideas

Download this book of resources to help your church raise money for Global Hunger!

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Progressive Hunger Meal

A creative way to illustrate how challenging it is to deal with struggles many people around the world experience each and every day, including that of having a simple meal.

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Box Social for Global Hunger

Revisit a common way, used in pioneer days, to raise funds for causes such as Global Hunger.

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Run for Their Lives 5K – Hunger Run

A 5k run to raise funds.  Instead of “running for your life”, this is truly a race to “Run for Their Lives”. This is a great and simple idea to raise money and community awareness for global hunger.

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More resources

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