Clean Water

Clean water is essential to life. An estimated 768 million people use unsafe water sources. 2.5 billion lack improved sanitation facilities, according to the United Nation’s Children’s Fund. On March 22, organizations around the world promote global access to clean and safe water during World Water Day. BGR does its part to provide high-quality water for as many people as possible. How? By distributing water filters, drilling wells, building latrines and offering sanitation training throughout various impoverished countries.

You can make a difference

You can provide clean water to families by partnering with BGR. Give below, donate a water filter through our gift catalog, or gather a group of friends to take the BGR Well Dig Dare. Join BGR in working to decrease these staggering statistics.


4 Reasons Water Filters Can Change the World

Clean, accessible water is absolutely essential to the well-being of individuals and communities. From hydration to sanitation, water is the main ingredient to survival and development. Unfortunately, approximately 768 million people around the world are forced to use unsafe water sources, while 2.5 billion people lacked adequate sanitation facilities (Source: United Nation’s Children’s Fund). The […]

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Kentucky volunteer team provides clean water for thousands

In July, three Kentucky volunteers partnered with BGR to repair eight dysfunctional wells for refugee camps and villages full of people who have been driven from their homes.

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Water Project Helps Mother Greenlight Son’s Wedding

Phyu was overjoyed to have enough water to clean everything ahead of the wedding. By the day of the ceremony, the well was outfitted with a pump and storage tank—enough water to supply the entire village for a year.

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Friends Like You Helped Bless a Clinic with a Restroom

Until recently, Yao’s clinic didn’t even have a restroom. The toilets you have helped fund are not only hygienic but they also have attachable showers to help locals keep their entire bodies clean.

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A Story of Latrines and Love

When you decide to click donate for BGR, you decide to help people in need. People like, Vergilio, whose village needed a latrine.

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Restoring Dignity in a Drought

A drought can cost people more than food and water, it can cost them their lives. That’s why the water wells you have helped fund for communities like Leleti’s mean so much.

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The Miracle at the Well

Not long ago, Pastor Adama and his church operated a well-drilling project with help from BGR. The community desperately needed the well, but prejudice still blinded the local people.

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A water well of wellness

Evelyn struggled to surivie without clean water, her whole community did. That was until donors helped build a well for her community. Now they are thriving!

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Wells for the Unwell

You’ve heard of villages where people must walk long distances to fetch water—but what happens to the people who can barely walk at all?

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Water changes life at school

Your gifts help change lives in so many ways. One BGR project can completely transform a village or a school like Florence’s.

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More Stories
Pray for Clean Water

  Clean water is the most fundamental component of good health, and it’s a desperate need for residents of a particular Southeast Asian country. BGR partners are drilling 26 wells in needy areas of this nation, where people have little access to clean, safe drinking water. The wells will not only provide potable water but […]

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More prayers
Christmas Gift Catalog Flyer – Clean Water

Check out other categories for the Christmas Gift Catalog Flyers to share with your friends, family, and church!  

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A cool, clean glass of water. Priceless.

Find out how you are providing clean water around the world through BGR.

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BGR Well Dig Dare Resources

Use these promotional resources as you take the BGR Well Dig Dare, and share them with your friends and family!

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Give fresh clean water!

Give clean water this year to those who need it!

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