5 Creative Christmas Gift ideas: Day 4

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How can you use the BGR Gift Catalog to give creative gifts?

Give an item from the catalog AND include a tangible reminder of that gift!

We’ve compiled our 5 favorite gift combinations for this Christmas season, and we will post one idea each day this week.

4. Hygiene kit + lotion or perfume

Hygiene kits are used after disasters or in refugee camps. They can include items such as toothpaste, soap, and lotion. Gifts of perfume or lotion will remind your friends and family to pray for individuals receiving these kits after tragedy.

A hygiene kit helps individuals maintain their health and dignity in desperate situations. These gifts are priceless!

For $20 you can provide one person with a hygiene kit!

Other gift ideas
An animal from the Gift Catalog + a stuffed animal
A blanket for refugees + a blanket for your loved one
A safe place for a victim of human trafficking + jewelry