5 Creative Christmas Gift ideas: Day 3

Human Trafficking Print

How can you use the BGR Gift Catalog to give creative gifts?

Give an item from the catalog AND include a tangible reminder of that gift!

We’ve compiled our 5 favorite gift combinations for this Christmas season, and we will post one idea each day this week.

3. A safe place for a victim of human trafficking + jewelry

Give a piece of jewelry to a woman in your life to remind her of the millions of men, women and children trapped in human trafficking. The beautiful jewelry will encourage her to pray for their rescue and restoration! You also could include a trafficking story printed from our website with the gift.

About 20-30 million people worldwide are sold each year for sexual or labor exploitation. Your support helps proved safe homes, nutritious food, legal help, education, and medical treatment.

(For jewelry ideas, check out WorldCrafts, a division of the WMU!)

For $10 you can provide a safe place for a victim of human trafficking for a day!

Other gift ideas
An animal from the Gift Catalog + a stuffed animal
A blanket for refugees + a blanket for your loved one