5 Creative Christmas Gift ideas: Day 2

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How can you use the BGR Gift Catalog to give creative gifts?

Give an item from the catalog AND include a tangible reminder of that gift!

We’ve compiled our 5 favorite gift combinations for this Christmas season, and we will post one idea each day this week.

2. Give a blanket for refugees + a blanket for your loved one

Give a soft blanket to both a loved one and a refugee. In the cold winter months, refugees find it especially difficult to stay warm in camps, with children and the elderly most at risk. When your loved one snuggles under the blanket, he or she will remember to pray for refugees in need of warmth.

About 60-65 million people are displaced in the world today. These refugees often endure harsh conditions without sufficient food, water, or shelter. Many have suffered severe trauma and loss.

For $10 you can provide a refugee with a blanket!

Other gift ideas
An animal from the Gift Catalog + a stuffed animal.
A safe place for a victim of human trafficking + jewelry