You’ve heard of crowdsourcing funds for important causes. But have you ever crowdsourced goats? Join BGR’s GoatFundMe campaign, and bless families in need with a goat!

What is GoatFundMe?

GoatFundMe is a campaign to raise money for BGR goat projects. $75 blesses a family with a goat and training. Using the resources below, you can mobilize your youth group, children’s group, or family to help people in need. How many goats can you fund?

Why goats?

Goats can be a source of income, milk, and meat. With proper training, families can use a goat to create a sustainable income and live a full and meaningful life. Read more at 3 Ways Goats Can Change Lives. 

While we don’t track each specific donated goat, your donation will purchase a goat to help a family in need and demonstrate the love of Christ to them. We have a number of projects worldwide that you potentially helped support, and each of these projects are run by a trusted BGR partner to ensure effective and efficient use of your generous donation. 

Download GoatFundMe Resources:


A Future for Leena

Leena struggled with poverty. Both she and her husband worked hard on their small farm. They also worked as day laborers when opportunities arose, but the meager income they generated was barely enough to cover their living costs and feed their children. Your gift made a difference for Leena. She now sees a future for […]

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