We challenge you to take the BGR Well Dig Dare and raise $1,000 to help dig a well for people in need. Gather a group of friends or motivate your church to form a team and brainstorm ways to raise money. Then, get busy! Host bake sales. Wash cars. Pass the offering plate. Do whatever you can to bring clean water to a community in need! 

Well Dig Dare Resources:

Here are some stories from last year’s Well Dig Dare participants:

“I’m disabled, and I’m not able to get out and do a whole lot in the community. But if I know I can do something through BGR, it makes me feel better. … So, by giving, I know every day, that well is going to keep people from walking miles to go get water. And, that gives them more time with their families and more time to give to their community.” –Denise, BGR donor who teamed up with her family to complete the Well Dig Dare

“I live in New Mexico, in the desert, so I know the importance of water. But more than anything else, I know the importance of clean water. … And God has blessed me, so I need to share the blessings.” –SW, a BGR donor, explaining why she completed The Well Dig Dare


Christmas Gift Catalog Flyer – Clean Water

Check out other categories for the Christmas Gift Catalog Flyers to share with your friends, family, and church!  

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A cool, clean glass of water. Priceless.

Find out how you are providing clean water around the world through BGR.

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BGR Well Dig Dare Resources

Use these promotional resources as you take the BGR Well Dig Dare, and share them with your friends and family!

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Give fresh clean water!

Give clean water this year to those who need it!

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