Here a Chick, There a Chick, Everywhere a Chick-Chick

By Jeff Palmer, CEO on September 6, 2018

One of my favorite personal projects through the years has been raising chickens. Chickens are raised all over the world for eggs or for food. In most places, they’re raised roaming free around a home lot. They’re relatively easy to raise and don’t require much input. Chickens can be raised in a simple home-yard system […]

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Reforestation: Saving the World One Tree at a Time

By Jeff Palmer, CEO on September 3, 2018

During our 20 years we lived and worked in Asia, one of the most worrisome things we observed was the deforestation. Unlike my home in the USA that was approximately 80% covered in forests, when we were in the Philippines in 1983, there just weren’t many trees covering the countryside at all. In fact, almost […]

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Hillside Farming Soil Preservation

By Jeff Palmer, CEO on August 30, 2018

For almost 17 years, my family lived in the steep, sloping foothills of the tallest mountain in the Philippines, Mt. Apo (which, incidentally, is a dormant volcano). We worked with farmers and farming communities in the surrounding areas that have had to contend with the steep grade of their land for lifetimes. Some had to […]

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FAITH (Food Always in the Home) Gardening

By Jeff Palmer, CEO on August 27, 2018

Most rural areas of the world subsist on growing food, with food security top-of-mind for most agrarian communities. Believe it or not, there are still hunters and gatherers who glean food from local plants and forests, while also growing food for their own families. My second favorite agriculture project helped provide food security. Given the […]

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Long-Eared Goats and Baptists

By Jeff Palmer, CEO on August 23, 2018

Growing up on a rural farm in Tennessee, I worked with chickens, pigs, and cattle, but had little to no experience with goats. I actually had several misconceptions about them. But wouldn’t you know, when I arrived in the Philippines in 1983, goats were everywhere! I soon learned why these small animals were so beneficial […]

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Introduction: My Five Favorite Agriculture Projects

By Jeff Palmer, CEO on August 20, 2018

I have spent over 20 years working in agriculture and community development overseas. My family and I were blessed to be taught and mentored by some wonderful friends and leaders who showed us how to be involved in what we loved (agriculture and health care ministries) while helping people spiritually. I learned a lot during […]

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Refugees: The Warp and Weft of Life (Part 2)

By Guest Blogger on July 12, 2018

The first blog of this series introduced the plight of more than 65 million people displaced by conflict or natural disaster. They come from all over the world–third and even first-world nations, with stories of horrific persecution. Frequently, their most basic need is to tell their story. Their greatest hope lies in the capacity of […]

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The Warp and Weft of Life: Replacing Fear with Hope

By Guest Blogger on July 9, 2018

An insistent heavy-handed hammering startles you awake as your heart jumps to the beat of the battering of the door.  “They’ve finally come. We must flee now!” you whisper frantically to your wife and children. “Wake up,” you whisper. “Put your shoes on. Leave everything else. We must go.”  As you tie the last shoelace, […]

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Refugees: People who care can help

By Tim Patterson on June 28, 2018

A farmer flees his land for the safety of a nearby city, driven out by insurgents who are killing his neighbors and trying to recruit one of his sons as a child soldier, living in a tent with his wife and five children, and now about to face a harsh winter. How can they find […]

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The Anatomy of a Crisis: Syrian Refugees

By Abraham S on June 25, 2018

For months, the Syrian refugee crisis has been in the news. Unfortunately, while attention to this disaster seems to be waning a bit from main-stream culture, the monstrous disaster continues, with little sign of abating soon. If progress is to be made, it is critical to understand the source or and nature of this catastrophe […]

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